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Cindy Maxson

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  • Life experience – I’ve been through:
    • Raising seven kids
    • Homeschooling those seven kids
    • Divorce
    • Multiple job relocations – I know what it’s like to suddenly get that call that means you have to move to a strange new city or town FAST
    • Starting and running businesses – investment, real estate and vacation rentals. This makes me the ultimate networker for tax, legal and financial issues my clients have to face when buying or selling real estate.
    • Menopause hahaha… I’m a baby boomer! I know and relate to life phase transitions.

  • I’ve gained valuable negotiation skills via my experience buying and selling my own properties.
  • My investor experience gives me ability to offer clients the option to buy their house for cash.
  •  I specialize in probates. This area is seldom discussed but happens every day, often without warning. I can help those going through the emotional and stressful process of having to sell a loved one’s home.
  • I’m a short term vacation rental owner
    • Owner-operator of Chateau on Monroe here in Nashville for the past 4 years
    • Owner-operator of Leprechaun Lodge Tiny home in Monteagle TN
    • Owner-operator of Twin Creeks Lake home in Winchester TN, currently under construction and slated to begin operations next spring.
  • New construction – I’ve designed and built two in Chattanooga, TN
  • Flips – I’ve completed over a dozen so I can help clients who need help with design, rehab, repairs
  • I network with other investors who specialize in foreclosure, bankruptcy, lease purchase and other creative financing options.
  • I’ve built a vast network of thoroughly vetted professionals to refer clients when they have need:
    • Mortgage lenders, bridge lenders for home repairs, credit repair services
    • Lawyers for legal and contract advice
    • CPA’s for tax advice
    • Developers and General Contractors
    • Construction and repair resources
    • Realtors all over the US
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“I chose real estate because I love helping people and knowing that I can make a difference in their lives!”

Cindy Maxson
Cindy Maxson